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ICTC's Pro-Am

June 7: The 7th annual ICTC Pro-Am was hosted in partnership with Cleveland Racquet Club. The event brought more than 100 guests together for a great cause. The evening began with 24 professionals and 24 amateurs taking the court for round-robin mini-matches. While the players were busy competing, dinner guests had the opportunity to watch the matches on the outside deck, eat dinner, bid on silent auction items, and participate in a wine pull.

After play concluded, everyone reconvened for the evening program. Kelli Price, Teon Manzie, and Jovontae Williams, all ICTC staff members and past graduates of the camp, spoke about the program and the impact it has had on their lives. Kelli is ICTC’s current poetry lead, and teaches campers how to write and perform poems. Teon shared with the guests how ICTC defined his future. He was introduced to tennis at ICTC, and all of the hard work he put into playing the sport earned him a college scholarship. Teon just finished his first year at Union College, a Division II school in Kentucky. Next, Jovontae performed one of his poems for the guests. He was recently featured in the USTA Midwest Magazine for his poetry.

The evening concluded with Liz Deegan, ICTC Executive Director, sharing the future goals of ICTC to become a year-round program. Overall, the Pro-Am raised more than $20,000 to help fund and expand the camp. A big thank you goes out to Todd Wojtkowski, ICTC board member who organized the pro-am; Stephanie Eisele and Kim Hanford who volunteered to chair the event, Mary Norman for organizing the wine pull and the rest of the event committee. Also, ICTC would like to thank the board of directors, guests, donors and everyone who made this event so successful.

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