Advantage Cleveland Tennis and Education, Inc. (AdvantageCLE)  is a National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) program that is funded in part by the United States Tennis Association Foundation (USTAF).  The main goal is to provide tennis and learning programs to children in urban areas, preventing the summer learning slide, and enhancing the students' educational experience year-round.

AdvantageCLE provides a free eight-week summer program to children in the Cleveland area. More than 250 kids participate in the camp each summer and represent over 70 schools in the city.  Tennis is the backbone of our instruction, and kids play up to an hour each day.  Educational programming is also provided in daily rotations, and kids participate in fitness, wellness, literacy, STEM, and creative expression classes.  They are surrounded by caring high school and college-age students who act as role models and mentors.

AdvantageCLE also recently began our after-school ACE program in a local Hough elementary school- Mary B. Martin.  Kids in grades 1-4 receive tutoring in literacy intervention, wellness, poetry and STEM, homework help, and tennis instruction. Reading skills are the main focus of this program, and students participate in indoor tennis provided by USTA's Red Ball curriculum from NetGeneration.  We hope to empower students to reach their full potential on the court and in the classroom.


Providing Cleveland’s youth with tennis, health, fitness, literacy, STEM,  and creative expression programs to promote hope, healthy living and productive futures.


Advantage Cleveland Tennis and Education, Inc. will become a leader in urban youth development to build a foundation for lifetime achievement, academic success, and healthier kids. 


  • Passion for teaching and learning

We strive to provide innovative, relevant and interactive education and sports activities that motivate and engage students so they might choose to live healthy, productive lives.


  • Caring

We hold high regard for all involved in our organization. We are committed to one another, our staff, our students, our partners and the neighborhoods and communities we serve.


  • Commitment to diversity

We teach and display behaviors that are respectful to all people regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or economic status. 


  • Integrity in all we do

We strive to make every effort to maintain and uphold moral, ethical and honest principals in all our interactions.

The City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Clinic made our launch possible in 2010. Since then a number of committed individuals and companies have worked to grow and expand our services for the children in the Cleveland area by donating their time, talents and resources.

  • Tennis was once a major part of the Cleveland community

  • Cleveland hosted over 40 professional and amateur championships, four Davis Cup matches, and a professional Tennis team.

  • Once over 120 public courts spanned the city, now fewer than 40 playable courts exist citywide.

  • AdvantageCLE has grown to reach over 4,000 students in nine years.