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The Tennis staff works to introduce various facets of healthy living. The specific goal of tennis is to introduce physical activity in a fun and competitive environment. Tennis as a sport helps to serve as a safe environment to constructively deal with adversity and develop strategies that can be applied later in life. Young students are taught the basics using NetGeneration's Red Ball curriculum, and students develop their competitive skills as they grow.


The Tennis curriculum teaches the basics of tennis to every age group, as well as allowing for advancement in skill for those students familiar with the game. The curriculum explains the basics of tennis strategy, strokes, and scoring and incorporates movements and dynamic stretches that are present in the Fitness curriculum.​

Key Program Activities:

The students learn the quintessential strokes of tennis during the course of the tennis curriculum: forehands, backhands, serves, and volleys. The students also learn their use and purpose in the game and then are given the chance to compete with the given strokes. The students practice their strokes through various games, drills, and shadow swings. To showcase their knowledge and skill, campers compete in an end of the summer tournament.


Program Goals:

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