The curriculum at Inner City Tennis Clinics is designed to present cross-component themes in multi-faceted ways. Our students learn themes of community, self-expression, problem solving,  and goal setting through tennis and enhancement programs. 


ICTC Summer Camp

Summer Camp opens in June to all Cleveland boys and girls 6–16 years of age. It runs Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 3 PM at the Thurgood Marshall Recreational Center. The program provides Tennis, Wellness, Literacy, Fitness & Strength Conditioning, STEM and Poetry. Breakfast and lunch are served at no charge with the help of the City of Cleveland Free Summer Lunch Program.


Children are divided into 5 groups based on age and rotate through all 5 Components every day through summer. Each Component session lasts approximately 45 minutes. 


The results create better students and an increase of their ability to compete on a global scale after graduation no matter their career path. The existence of a tennis-based youth development program in Cleveland serves to transform the lives of urban youth while simultaneously playing an important role in transforming the city into a once again thriving tennis destination.




Tennis offers individual development and team building skills, strengthening a student’s self-confidence.


In Literacy, students participate in active learning through projects, crafts, reading assignments and journal writing.


The Wellness curriculum was designed to teach better nutrition and decision making for a healthier lifestyle.

Poetry Slam

Poetry Slam feeds the need for creativity and freedom for students to express themselves in a positive manner. 



Fitness classes address health, body image, and self-esteem by developing speed, agility, and strength. 


After School Program

Tennis and Literacy

Literacy Intervention

Students receive extra assistance and intervention with specific reading skills such as comprehension, fluency, and decoding. This will help all students reach their fullest potential in reading, setting them up for success in school and beyond.

Homework Help and Educational Games

Once students participate in the literacy intervention, they have access to a tutor who can help them with homework packets, or they are free to explore some fun, educational games with the staff.

Advantage Cleveland Tennis and Education, Inc - 216-255-8283

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