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The Wellness curriculum works to reinforce the importance of pursuing healthy habits the students learn in Fitness and Tennis. The primary goal of the Wellness staff is not only to teach nutrition, but to encourage the students to make good choices in all facets of their lives. Based on the Cleveland Clinic's Healthy Habits Journal, campers engage in lively discussions about topics that range from goal setting to stress management.


Program Goals:

The Wellness curriculum seeks not only to legitimize the importance of physical fitness demonstrated in the Fitness and Tennis components of the camp but also to teach the importance of nutritional and emotional wellness as well. The Wellness staff seeks to instill healthy eating habits as well as healthy intellectual habits through presentations and a speaker series. Thus, the students learn various recipes and techniques for healthy cooking as well as participate in a number of innovative workshops. The topics covered in the Wellness curriculum include general nutrition, anger management, goal setting, dealing with stress, gardening, and how the body works.


Key Program Activities:

The students learned the importance and fun of healthy habits through interactive projects such as learning healthy recipes by cooking healthy snacks.  They participated in meditation and yoga, and set goals for themselves throughout the summer. Students filled out the pre- and post- surveys in the Cleveland Clinic's Healthy Habits journals.

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