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Themes and Highlights from Camp

The 2018 edition of Inner City Tennis Clinics is now in its sixth week of activities- with each week focusing on one central theme. The first week of camp was themed “All about Me!” and the kids spent the week focusing on what makes them unique. Week two’s theme concentrated on heroes. Campers learned about different types of heroes and took the time to reflect on the heroes in their lives, create their own superhero, and create great costumes. The high school group also went on a field trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Week three was Earth Week. Kids learned how to be sustainable and brainstormed ways to protect the earth. Our STEM component spent the week with the younger groups planting seeds, setting up recycling bins in the building, and assembling and decorating earth-themed kites. By the end of the week campers were testing out their creations.

Olympics week rounded out week four. Campers were divided into five countries, representing Brazil, Japan, Nigeria, Mexico, and Jamaica. They competed for their country in the six components to earn points. They played tennis, participated in fitness competitions, read and recited poetry from each team’s respective country, & researched facts about their countries for presentations in literacy. Each day at lunch campers cheered for their country during the staff challenges. The entire camp came together for the afternoon to announce Japan as winners. Team Japan carried the Olympic flag to the amphitheater for a poetry showcase.

And week five brought the theme of leadership to campers. Participants dove into what makes a leader, and what it takes to work on their own leadership skills. They also examined great leaders such as Thurgood Marshall and Rosa Parks in literacy.

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