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The Fitness staff works in unison with the Tennis and Wellness Departments to help the students understand the components of healthy living. Specifically, the Fitness team teaches the students the techniques of physical fitness and training, working on the basics of agility, endurance, and flexibility.  Yoga teaches students how to stretch, relax and calm themselves.


Program Goals:

Fitness is not only physical but mental as well. The students are taught proper fitness training techniques but also how to deal with adversity in a constructive and communal setting. The students learned the benefit and different strategies for pushing their own limits while learning how to be physically fit without the gym as a necessity.

Key Program Activities:

The students learned several phases of proper fitness training: dynamic stretching, muscle strengthening and cardio, and injury prevention stretching. Dynamic stretching exercises include cherry pickers, high knees, karaoke, and jumping jacks among others. Strength training includes dumbbell exercises, weighted ball strength training and rope-arm exercises, among others. The students use learned techniques in individual as well as team competitions such as relay races.

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